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Copper Sink Silicone *shipping included*
Copper Sink Silicone *shipping included*

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  • 100% Neutral Cure Pure Silicone is used for installing the drain in your copper sink as well as sealing the edges once it has been installed. This neutral cure silicone has been custom colored to provide a seamless transition from sink to counter. Use in place of plumbers putty for a flawless seal.

    One 2.8 oz. tube is enough to seal a kitchen sink and several bar, bath or prep sinks.

    How to apply Neutral Cure Silicone

    Cut the Tip of the Tube the width of the caulk bead about equal to the width of the gap you're trying to fill. Remember, if you cut it too small, you can always cut it again. If you cut it too large, there will be more clean up involved.

    Apply the caulk directly along the edge at a steady speed, and don't worry about having to fill the crack perfectly on the first pass. When you smooth the caulk with your water dampened finger, the excess on your finger will fill in some gaps automatically. You can add a little extra caulk to any remaining gaps, and smooth it again. You will need a rag to remove excess caulk from your finger.

    Apply, smooth, and wipe five times if you have to, as long as you finish before the caulk starts to skin.

    There will still be ridges left behind along the edge of where you smoothed it down with your finger. This will start to dry fast so use a damp linen rag to wipe the thin layer away quickly.

    If you wipe too much caulk away in the process, don't worry. Apply a little more, and smooth it again.

    Use these same basic steps for sealing the drain, however apply a small bead of caulk around the drain opening before you add the drain so you are sure to have a water tight seal.